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What is earth 2?


It is a video game that has just launched in the last quarter of 2020. The developers of this game are envisioned to make a virtual world that is geographically linked and is similar to our real planet, Earth. You can buy, sell, bid, construct, build, and own the land in Earth2.

The idea is to create a virtual representation of Earth, or in other words, it is just like Google Earth. The game developers have split up the Earth’s Geographical boundaries into 5.1 trillion tiles of 10m X 10m.

The tiles have been classified into 3 different classes. Class 1 is better than class 2 and so on. As for now, class one has more value than the other classes. More information about perks for different class members has not been disclosed by the developers yet. But one thing is for sure that there will be several environments in the virtual reality of Earth2.

Everything You Should Know About Earth

The vision of the Earth2 is long-term, but now, a little is unleashed. Many people call it a scam, but before judging, let me recall what most people thought about bitcoin when it was launched. This game is viewed as a profit-making opportunity by many people because you can buy the land and then sell it by raising the price.

Earth 2 Marketplace Filter

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What is Earth2?

Have you ever wished to own Eifel Tower or claim your rights on Pentagon Headquarters? What if I tell you that you can become the

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